Stilrent Creative Agency consists of a curious, ambitious and creative duo, Erica Nieminen & Ivonne Ruiz Olate with several years of international experience.

Ivonne is the artistic director of the team, with a background in creative direction, graphical design, styling and sales. 

Erica is the creative producer and expert communicator of the team, with several years of international experience working for large French luxury companies. 

The team relies on their large network of expert partners for every production. The team has extremely talented cinematographers, photographers, HMUA, models and sound designers on their retainer


  • Video production 

We craft experiences and stories through powerful, fresh and innovative videos. Do you need a new marketing film for the launch of your new product ? A video series for social media? A short film about a collaboration? We got you! 

  • Content production

We create photos and content tailored to your needs. We are all about the newness, what is the next cool thing, yet always staying true to your brand and your needs in a new and innovative way. 

We can assist in anything from smaller photoshoots for your current social media needs, to large 360 digital content series, covering your content needs for  an entire year



Mail us  HERE or call us at +358405014726